Lash repair and growth

Indulge in the best to strengthen, boost volume and promote faster lash growth with the professional Lashcode serum!

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Lash repair and growth


Double the lash length, more body and thickness for increased volume


Nourish, repair and strengthen weak and thin lashes


A precision applicator facilitating daily use of the serum


thicker and fuller-looking eyelashes

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The Lashcode eyelash serum ensures intense hydration, deep nourishment and repair. It makes follicles stronger and revives lashes, preventing thinning and increasing volume. The serum envelops each individual lash with a silky protective coating.

It makes lashes visibly stronger, thicker and longer - the first noticeable effects appear within just 2 weeks. Give your lashes the best and enjoy stunning and natural-looking results!


Eyelash Serum

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Precision Lashcode Applicator


fast, easy application

When you take care of your lashes, do it right. The applicator in Lashcode eyelash serum combines ergonomics with a carefully-designed shape meaning the application of this product is quick and easy. Stunning lashes in just a few seconds? With Lashcode, it is possible.

The size of the brush allows you to apply the serum precisely along the lash line, right at the roots which takes just one stroke. No dripping, no problem.

Precision Lashcode Applicator
Innovative formula of Lashcode


high-quality ingredients

Indispensable to your daily routine, the Lashcode eyelash serum formula is a nature-inspired solution boosted by the latest discoveries of modern cosmetology.

Natural nutrients responsible for nourishing the lashes are teamed with peptides that focus on promoting lash growth and revival. This is exactly what your lashes need! Treat them to the finest care.


ingredients of
Lashcode eyelash serum
Lashcode ingredients - soy and wheat germ extracts
Lashcode ingredients - soy and wheat germ extracts

SOY AND WHEAT GERM EXTRACTS – ensures deep lash repair. Nourishes and refines texture, and maintains hydration. Promotes lash growth, and prevents thinning and ageing.

Lashcode ingredients - baicalein
Lashcode ingredients - baicalein

BAICALEIN – Baikal skullcap root extract. Contains flavonoids proven to delay ageing and create a microscopic protective shield on the lash surface. Known for being a natural UV filter.

Lashcode ingredients - arginine
Lashcode ingredients - arginine

ARGININE – natural amino acid able to effectively moisturize lashes. Facilitates transport of nutrients to the follicles. Stimulates lash growth and combats lash loss.

Lashcode ingredients - peptides
Lashcode ingredients - peptides

PEPTIDE COMPLEX – promotes the synthesis of keratin, which is the main constituent of lashes, repairing and regenerating the hairs. Speeds up the natural process of lash extension by strengthening them. This leaves them fuller-looking.

Eyelash Serum

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Fabulous lashes
in just three steps
Convenient application

Take care of your lashes like a pro. Now this is possible thanks to our precision applicator paired with carefully selected ingredients. The Lashcode formula delivers essential nutrients straight to the lash follicles.

Step-by-step application:
  • Remove makeup, and cleanse the lashes and eyelids of dirt and grime.
  • Using the thin precision applicator, spread a portion of serum along the upper and lower lash roots.
  • Repeat this process every day at bedtime.

Eyelash extension treatment has never been so easy! You are just three steps from a stunning look. Keep using Lashcode serum on a daily basis and condition the lashes with the power of the finest ingredients.

Lashcode Makeup
Lashcode eyelash serum

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Try Lashcode Mascara

Our serum is the first step towards a look brimming with beauty. Upgrade your look by grabbing Lashcode mascara, which not only boosts the lash-reviving powers of the serum but also makes the effects more obvious. It enhances the length, thickness and color of lashes with just one stroke.

Go for the perfect match, designed specially for conditioning and defining eyelashes!

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FAQ What
you need to know
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What is Lashcode eyelash serum made from?
Aqua, Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, Myristoyl Hexapeptide-16, Propanediol, Arginine, Lactic Acid, Glycine Soja Germ Extract, Triticum Vulgare Germ Extract, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, Sodium Benzoate, Gluconolactone, Calcium Gluconate, Sodium Chloride, Alcohol, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, Ethyl Tafluprostamide, Citric Acid, Triethanolamine.
What is the shelf life of Lashcode serum?
Lashcode eyelash serum preserves all its properties for 2 years after the manufacturing date. After initial opening, the serum can be used for up to 12 months.
What kind of applicator comes with the Lashcode eyelash serum?
The Lashcode eyelash serum tube houses a thin precision applicator. The size and shape allows you to put the serum exactly where it is supposed to be and is also easy and safe to maneuver near the eyes. The tip makes it easy to apply the small amount of the serum that is essential for the product to work effectively.
What are the benefits of regular Lashcode use?
Lashcode takes care of lashes from the first use. The ingredients penetrate the skin to reach the follicles and start working from within. It encourages lashes to grow long, thick and dark. By creating a protective coating around each lash, Lashcode prevents brittleness, thinning and breakage. After a couple of uses, lashes are measurably thicker, longer and stronger. The serum improves lashes’ resilience and readies them perfectly for a daily makeup look using Lashcode mascara.
Will Lashcode give me quicker results if I use it more often?
No, it will not. Lashcode serum has to be used according to the instructions, which means that it has to be applied once a day to clean, dry eyelids, right at the lash roots. Using the serum more frequently will not speed up the effects.
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